Martin Foretník

Martin Foretník, a native of Brno, Czech Republic, is introducing his works to you.

Martin Foretník is a talented and extroverted artist and as such, he began his career by his own art-nouveau-like compositions. Basic techniques, composition and all important for painting he studied privately in Brno under professor Miroslav Pánek. Figures and portraits came only later. He has tried both oil painting and pencil drawing, however, he has found himself in the technique of wash drawing. Lately he has been combining it with computer graphics.

His topics are as broad as his professional interests. He has worked as a teacher, advertiser and advertising department manager, marketing and PR manager at the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra, and marketing manager at the National Theatre Brno.

Since 1998 he has been a member of the Artistic Association Parnas in Brno; now he is in its artistic commitee. He is the vice-president of Trium, the Artists’ Society, which he founded in 2002 together with Věra Jonášová and Richard Tribula. In 2004, they represented the Czech Republic on an exhibition in Finland.

He exhibits both at common exhibitions and individually. He has illustrated several books.

PhDr. Miloslav Kounek